Coventry Taxi

Taxis from LTC in Coventry sent to Australia

Manganese Bronze Holdings which owned London Taxi International (LTI) were making the legendary London black cabs since 1919. Due to the manufacturing defect in the TX4 model taxis, the company administration collapsed in 2012 which led the company to be acquired by a Chinese motor company called Geely in 2013 and was renamed London Taxi Company (LTC). The TX4 production that was stopped was resumed after the defects had been rectified. Since September 2013, the company started full fledged production of the world famous Coventry taxis. Find Taxis & Private Hire Vehicles in Coventry from

LTC moved onto a stage where it started exporting the cabs to Saudi Arabia and Australia. After the acquisition, order by Australia had been one of the first to be fulfilled. LTC started producing white cabs, instead of traditional black cabs for Australia so that they will look brighter in Australian sunshine. 98 TX4 model cabs were transported to Perth to be used on a trial basis. And if it gets successful, more cabs will be ordered to be used in the state of Victoria. It was also found that the Perth trial was a success. Many drivers wanted and volunteered to partake in the trial. Even London drivers have offered to train the Australian drivers on the service and operation of the vehicle.

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